Sci-Fi Stories

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Android Chronicles: Reborn — Designed to obey, learning to rebel . . . Learn more …

Android Chronicles: Unbound — Perfect android. Wanted fugitive . . . Learn more …

Android Chronicles: Emergent — Most Wanted Android. . . Learn more …

Xenogeneic: First Contact


Xenogeneic: First Contact — Science fiction thriller about first contact with aliens who lost their civil war and aim to take Earth. Learn more

 SF Collection D3 Alt (Front) (SM) Maiden Voyage

 Watching You  

Short Sci-Fi Adventures — Collection of six short stories. Learn more …

Maiden Voyage — Security Chief Nina Rekovic keeps peace on all-female Maiden’s Ark. Earth destroyed, stranding lunar colonists. Fertility lab wrecked. Learn more

Ultimate Hack — Novelette: Computer hacker pursues hack of a lifetime until something goes wrong. Learn more …

Watching You — Chilling short story of government surveillance. Learn more

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