Ultimate Hack

by Lance Erlick

The hacker Hercules is on a mission to locate and take down rich bastards like his father until he faces the ultimate challenge.

Hercules considered himself an ordinary anonymous geek with a special reason to remain in his mom’s basement. Ignoring warnings from his best friend and his girlfriend, he pursues the hack of a lifetime into a top secret security system. What could possibly go wrong when he meets his match?

Fans of A.G. Riddle and other technothrillers are sure to be interested in this cyberpunk hacker suspense novelette.

What readers are saying:

“This is a hoot”

”This works so well! It has everything a story should have. A character with a mission and a love interest that plays against all the backdrop of the modern technology of the computer world and the underworld of hacking of secure sites. Wow!!!”

Come see what happens when Hercules refuses to back off.

Buy now at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. For other outlets, see sidebar.


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