She-Devil Rocks

by Lance Erlick

She-Devil Rocks

Bullied as the smallest of thirteen boys in his class, Bradley struggles with surviving on a deserted island.

Stuck on a plane with classmates who constantly terrorize him, Bradley is not looking forward to the weekend adventure. During a storm, the plane crashes on a remote island, stranding him with a bully who is out of control and his followers.

As he runs and tries to hide, Bradley meets a mysterious tomboy who can’t possibly be there, challenging his grip on reality. He struggles to survive on the hostile island, deal with her, and come to terms with the bully.

Fans who read about bullying should be intrigued by She-Devil Rocks.

This novelette was inspired by Lord of the Flies.

What Amazon readers are saying:

★★★★★ “excellent, quick, engaging tale of survival in the spirit of Lord Of The Flies

Join Bradley on the adventure of a lifetime or a horror show. Certainly not one he will forget as long as he lives…

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