Synthia’s Special Senses

In Android Chronicles: Reborn, Synthia’s creator (Jeremiah Machten) is paranoid of getting caught for his illegal activities. In addition to giving her the goal of protecting him, he provides her with enhanced senses to identify nearby threats.

Synthia’s eyes are high-definition cameras that capture regular light and infrared. That allows her to be aware of human activities that might be hidden by walls or other obstructions. He provided her with the most advanced facial and image recognition software to quickly analyze the information. The infrared feature is powerful enough to allow her to monitor beating hearts to assess human anxiety as a potential risk.

Machten provides her with scent receptors like a dog that allow her to sniff out human fear hormones and other indicators that could threaten him. She also has taste receptors to analyze chemicals so she can taste food for him and test for other chemical dangers not picked up by her scent receptors. In addition, he built into her enhanced hearing that picks up dog and communication frequencies.

Finally, he gave her bio-reading sensors that utilize her other sensors but whose purpose is to assess whether humans they meet exhibit fear or anger. They also allow her to evaluate his physical condition. Thus, she is fully equipped to warn him of imminent danger.

The senses Machten provides to Synthia appear to be extensions of what is currently available or in the process of development today.


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