Android Chronicles: Unbound

by Lance Erlick

Perfect android. Wanted fugitive. 

In the second book in the series, Synthia Cross is the most advanced android with artificial intelligence ever created. Some see her as a boon to mankind. Most view her as a deadly threat.

When Synthia escaped from her creator, even he had no idea of the advanced capabilities she’d developed. For six months she’s hidden in the Wisconsin woods with the only human she can trust—computer genius Luke Marceau. Together they’ve upgraded her body, rewritten her directives, and further enhanced her mind. Now hunters are zeroing in on her location, and she must flee. But leaving the refuge to assimilate into society is a dangerous risk, because Synthia will soon face her most formidable adversary. The pursuer’s name is Vera. She’s a female android—built to perfection, designed to hunt, and programmed to destroy . . .


In Erlick’s satisfying second Android Chronicles installment (following Reborn), Synthia Cross, a runaway in a world where humaniform androids like her are illegal, wakes from a comprehensive upgrade by her human companion, Luke Marceau, and puts her new hardware to work guarding her creator and observing the various government agencies hunting her. Regular reminders that Synthia is calculating threat factors while making love to Luke make for an awkward first few chapters. However, as Synthia and Luke flee the cabin in southern Wisconsin with the FBI, NSA, and Special Ops on their heels, the novel is redeemed by Synthia’s clever evasive maneuvers and convincing conflict between her robot nature and the human mind that has been uploaded into her. Erlick ramps up the tension and action while simultaneously introducing an enjoyable thematic conundrum on the possibilities of an AI apocalypse. Erlick bounces back from a foundering start to deliver a fast, entertaining continuation that bodes well for the series.

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