Regina Shen: Endurance

by Lance Erlick

ReginaShenEndurance ebook (SM)

Outcast Regina Shen continues her adventure as a hunted fugitive and as a pawn in a worldwide grab for power. Competing World Federation power brokers seek to control Regina for her unique DNA that could reverse a global fertility collapse. They make use of her unique memory for ancient forbidden texts that help her locate illegal artifacts from before the Federation, which agents then destroy.

For months Regina has been treading a fine line, trying not to let the Federation destroy any more of their past while doing all she can to rescue her kidnapped sister from agents who dangle the sister as bait. Betrayed again by her mom, Regina flees to the Southwest Desert with a close companion to hunt down a vault to exchange for her sister’s freedom. Nothing goes according to plan.

Before her journey concludes, tragedy will shake Regina to her core. It will also open up new possibilities that could lead down an even more dangerous path closer to her destiny but farther from her sister.

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Review Highlights: (D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review)

“a story line that’s gripping and hard to put down.”

“Both newcomers to and prior fans of Lance Erlick’s Regina Shen series will find much to like about her latest adventure, Endurance, which portrays Regina as an outcast caught in a political struggle for a new world power.”

“Once again Lance Erlick has crafted a powerful, compelling saga in Book 4 of a series which opened with a hard hit and just keeps punching. It’s a difficult proposition to produce a multi-book series and have each book stand well on its own with new subplots, riveting adventures, characters that stand out, and a spunky young woman who refuses to give up or give in.”


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