Maiden Voyage

A short story by Lance Erlick


Maiden Voyage

Distress signal says Earth is lost. Maiden’s Ark’s crew fight over whether to return for survivors or continue mission.

The all-female Maiden’s Ark left Earth five years ago. A distress signal says Earth is lost, stranding lunar and asteroid colonists. Then someone sabotages the Ark’s vital fertility lab.

While trying to solve the conspiracy, Security Chief Nina Rekovic must tread carefully between Returners she sympathizes with, the dictatorial captain who strips her of her duties, and an estranged lover who betrays her to the captain. All within the confines of a long-range spacecraft.

Fans of Michael Anderle are sure to enjoy this science fiction thriller and suspense novelette.

What Amazon readers are saying:

★★★★★ “I also liked that the story presented some interesting questions, such as should a cop use her relationships with people against them?”

Come unravel the suspense and mystery with Security Chief Nina Rekovic.

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