Regina Shen: Vigilance

by Lance Erlick

Regina Shen Vigilance

After two years of training, outcast Regina Shen prepares to jump the barrier wall into the World Federation to hunt for her sister, but nothing goes according to plan.

Perfect for fans of the Hunger Games, Divergent, and Maze Runner series, Regina Shen: Vigilance is the second book in an action-packed, science fiction thriller with an ordinary yet strong female heroine facing extraordinary hurdles with tenacity. With the young protagonist having to grow up fast, it appeals to both young adult and adult audiences.

The Federation condemns Regina and her family to live on the seaward side of barrier walls built to hold back rising seas caused by abrupt climate change. For two years she avoided capture. Now the Federation is desperate to exploit her unique DNA in order to stop human extinction. She would rather die than help the people who kidnapped her sister.

The Federation’s notorious Department of Antiquities, under the command of Chief Inspector Joanne Demarco, polices barrier walls, destroys knowledge from the past to suppress dissent, and pursues Regina for her genome. Now Demarco has a ruthless rival who aims to use Regina to overthrow Demarco.

Regina survives by her wits on swampy islands and salvage from sunken cities, including illegal print books from before the Federation. With her photographic memory, she defies Antiquities by consuming books not available in the Federation. That makes her an outcast among peers but may help her reach the university town where they’re holding her sister.

Pursued by Antiquities, Regina jumps the wall into the Federation. While making new friends and enemies, she learns that Federation life isn’t any better than the swamps. Regina must use her wits to avoid letting either of two rival inspectors capture her. Can she rescue her sister from an obvious trap?

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Review Highlights:

“Regina Shen is back in this thrilling new sequel!” “The book gripped me in the beginning and I never got bored.” “With a great plot that’s sure to keep you entertained.” (Tori Shultz, a LitPick Student Reviewer)

“I liked Vigilance and anyone who likes science fiction and/or young adult books will enjoy it. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series.” (Dawn, Goodreads)

“This second novel in the Regina Shen series continues the engrossing post-apocalyptic saga begun in the first book.” “In any fictional account, it’s this level of emotional depth and attention to motivations behind actions that elevate the superior read from the mundane nonstop staccato action thriller – and Regina Shen: Vigilance features this in abundance.” “a gripping sequel in the series, highly recommended for both prior fans and newcomers to Regina Shen.” (D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review)


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