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Lance Erlick

Extract: Facebook Ask The Author

This is extracted from a Facebook Ask the Author interview on November 29, 2013.

Hi, I’m Lance Erlick, the author of two novels in the Rebel series: The Rebel Within and Rebels Divided. ( I also have a short story out on Amazon (Watching You) and one on this website (Nature of Emergency).

After years of squeezing writing in between long stretches of earning my keep, I’m now a full time writer. My focus has been young adult science fiction and other stories that take my fancy. I am currently working on a 3rd story in the Rebel series.

Question: If you could write in one fiction universe for the rest of your career, what universe would it be?

Answer: That would be tough. I enjoy a wide range of areas. I guess if I had to choose it would be young adult science fiction as I enjoy the wonder of how young eyes view our changing world.

Question: Lots of stories begin with ‘what if’ what about yours?

Answer: The Rebel series is no exception. It began with the question of what would happen if bleeding-edge fertility research succeeded in allowing non-reproductive cells to fertilize an egg. While a boon to infertile men, it would also allow two women to have a biological child. That could bring a revolution in social mores. What do you think?

Question: Do you write “hard” science fiction, or “soft” science fiction?

I would say more on the soft side. When I read hard science fiction, it often struggles with character and plot. I am more interested in the interaction of character in new situations. I do want there to be a science base, but I don’t dwell on it. For example, I explored fertility research enough to know there’s a chance of developing a process for two women to have a biological child without a man and then used that in my stories without getting into the technical details. It was enough to realize it was a possibility.

Question: There are a number of ways this scenario could go. Does your story follow the line of thinking that men would be seen as superfluous? Fathering is a lot more than being a sperm donor.

Answer: The Rebel society is the result of a 2nd Civil War in which things get twisted to the point radicals take over and create an all-female society. A female-plurality society has existed before. The Mormons had such initially because more women joined their group in the beginning than men and that influenced their polygamous society. After one of the Paraguayan Wars in South America, most of the men were killed and the society had to deal with a heavily female gender mix. I agree there is more to parenting than being an egg/sperm donor, but every new development brings benefits and challenges. Something to consider that influenced the Rebel society is that while women have made great progress over the past 50 years, males now only receive 40% of college degrees in an information society. What will that mean to gender choices in the future?

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Character Interview Annabelle

(by Lance Erlick)

Q: Annabelle, now that you’ve survived this ordeal, where would you most like to go for a vacation getaway, anywhere in the world?

A: Is that on or off the record?

Q: Okay, off the record. No strings attached.

A: If you could grant me any wish of a place to go with no consequences, I would choose a prison.

Q: After what you’ve been through, why in the world would you choose that?

A: That’s where they sent my birth mother when I was three. I can’t give you a specific prison or city, because they won’t tell me where they sent her.

Q: I’m afraid I can’t grant that.

A: I didn’t think so. Well, then I’ve never been to the Great Smoky Mountains even though they’re only 25 miles away. They’re in the forbidden Outlands. I know it carries a lot of personal risk, but I would really like to experience the untamed beauty of the lands.

Q: So you would put yourself in harm’s way to experience what is essentially a national park?

A: It’s much more than that. It represents all that’s forbidden in my society: boys, the ability to go places without being watched, and to experience things that are forbidden.

Q: They’re forbidden for your own good.

A: Shouldn’t I be able to decide for myself.

Q: So, with the opportunity to go anywhere in the world, you would only venture some 25 miles east into the woods.

A: Right now, I can’t think of any place I’d rather be than home in Knoxville with my family surrounded by beautiful hills and the river.

Footnote: Few may know that Knoxville was caught in middle of the first American Civil War. The city supported the South, while the surrounding areas supported the North. It makes the perfect backdrop for a Second Civil War.

Review Loves The Rebel Within

(by Amanda from TheEclecticBookworm)
I truly loved the main character. She is strong, intelligent. She has a heart. She knows that her society isn’t the utopia it is portrayed to be. She has an unquenched thirst for justice and determination to match.
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Liberty vs. Security

(by Lance Erlick)

It seems throughout human history there has been a tug-of-war between liberty and security. At times people sacrificed their liberties in exchange for promises of security to live their day-to-day lives. In ways, this was the bargain individuals made when they became serfs to the land under some medieval lord, often after a natural or man-made catastrophe put fear into their lives. At other times, we have fought to the death for our liberties, as our forefathers did here in America and elsewhere. The pendulum swings back and forth at different times, and at different paces for different people. And yet a perfect balance is never found.

Then there are those who demand their own liberties while denying other people theirs, typically because the ‘others’ are different. This was the case of slavery in its many forms going all the way back to the earliest recordings of human history. We see it today in various groups demanding their rights and liberties while standing by or actively denying the rights of others. And yet, when our neighbor’s house burns, is it wise to stand by and wait to see if it boils over to our own?

Humans have yet to find a path that avoids the swing of liberty vs. security. Perhaps it will continue to elude us, for this struggle is rather like the struggle of life itself, a constant rebalancing between shortage and excess in order to survive.

I have tried to capture some of this tug-of-war in my Rebel series: The Rebel Within & Rebels Divided.