Another Civil War?

(by Lance Erlick)

The last three elections have been so spiteful, extreme positions are pulling at the fabric of what makes us American. Political dialog, or lack thereof, is becoming more extreme, trying to force the American people to choose between two bad alternatives. It is like being given the choice of losing your right hand or your left. It’s a choice, but what about the third alternative that doesn’t involve mutilation. The well-oiled machinery of political extremism doesn’t want you to consider that.

Choose up sides, they tell us, because that benefits them, not us.

Hard debate is the backbone of the American political process. The founding fathers argued vehemently about the nature of governing this new nation. They fought about federalism (central government) vs. state’s rights. They argued and struggled with every facet of governance, but in the end, they all believed in the American Experiment.

But lately, there has been a lack of civility, with bulls-eyes painted on opponents and real crimes of passion. We are losing our sense of being Americans and dividing into camps that take uncompromising positions. When this happens, we risk another Civil War.

Maybe it’s time for a muscular middle to stand up to the extremes and say, “Enough.” Otherwise, we may become a nation divided. Read The Rebel Within for one possible outcome.