Endurance Review

Regina Shen: Endurance (book 4) begins with Regina Shen still on the run from the federation and dealing with the betrayal of her mother. Regina has all the keys to saving or destroying the federation and if she were anyone, but an outcast then she would be queen. However outcasts cannot even become citizens. This leaves Regina on the run and trying to figure out what she should do as allies become traitors and the federation follows her.

I found that Regina Shen: Endurance (book 4) was the best book in the series by far. This is the book where Regina truly decides her fate and the fate of the Federation. However I cannot seem to get over the simple fact that if the Federation had not made her an outcast most of the trouble could have been avoided. Regina really came into herself in this book as she was given more and more choices on what she could do with what she knew.

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Defiance Review (5 star)

This series just keeps getting better and better! This book didn’t feel filler, as some 2nd and 3rd books can tend to be. It had it’s share of adventure and plot movement, and stood on it’s own (not in terms of being read alone, I don’t recommend that at all) but as it was a legit addition to the series and needed to be there for the continued growth of the series. 

The character development in this series is starting to surprise me. I have read so many series where I enjoy the ride the characters take in personal growth, but this one has taken the cake. I have grown so attached to Regina and her journey that I find myself talking about this book whenever I can. I feel for her, and root for her. She is just such an unseen character in some of the YA dystopian books. She has a brain, and she uses it. It isn’t an afterthought for her. And it’s nice to see a strong, SMART, female lead for a change.

In this book Regina is still on the run, and now looking for her sister. This added to the adventure and page turning for me. I couldn’t stop reading because I needed to find out what happened. We find out a lot about the world Regina lives in this book as well, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I love when series just get stronger as they progress. I can’t wait to find out what happens in the last book! I have so many unanswered questions and feelings about certain characters: like the mother and the Chief Inspector. I just need to know what happens and know that it all works out for Regina 🙂

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Vigilance Review (5 star)

I enjoyed Book 2 in the series called “Regina Shen” as much as I liked the first book.  Regina Shen has done all that she can to try to stay alive and not get caught by the horrible people that want to use her body to save others. She finally after 2 years has figured out a way to jump the Barrier Wall to try to get to her sister who she knows has been taken by these people. Has she done enough and learned all that she can to save her sister and keep herself free? After all she is the one that they want. Maybe they will let her sister go now. When she gets to her sister, if she can, there are very hard decisions that she must make. Will she be able to make the hard choices? I am so excited to start reading Book 3 in this series. I give this book a 5/5.

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Resilience Review

Regina Shen is a woman living in world that bans books and artifacts from before the Great Collapse.

I have to say when I began reading Regina Shen: Resilience I was not sure that I would truly enjoy it because I felt like the book was based on a concept that had been done before by other authors. However as I read more and more of the book I discovered just how wrong I was. This book may be based on a similar concept, but the book is far from ordinary. The plot of the novel keeps moving in sort of zig-zag which keeps the reader guessing about what is going to happen next. The author does a truly amazing job with stringing each chapter together and with character creation. I truly loved Regina Shen she is a character that just keep picking herself back up and trying again. I enjoyed the fact that she was a strong female lead character and her eidetic memory allowed her to learn and understand faster than other characters. Her enjoyment of books is something I could truly understand and appreciate. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for new take on an old concept.

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Regina Shen Resilience

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Regina Shen Resilience

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Another Regina Shen Vigilance Review

By D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Regina Shen Vigilance

This second novel in the Regina Shen series continues the engrossing post-apocalyptic saga begun in the first book. The setting is a world where the ice caps have melted and created two levels of society, and Regina is one of the outcasts here until authorities discover her unique DNA makeup, which holds possibilities for the continued existence of an increasingly threatened humanity.

Book One set the stage and should really be enjoyed before Vigilence; but even newcomers to this series will be able to quickly absorb its setting and characters, which open with Regina’s concerns about her new family and threats to its existence. She’s on a mission, hunting for a kidnapped sister – and to do so, she must jump the wall and enter a forbidden world filled with uncertainty and threats.

Part of what drives the action in the Regina Shen series is psychological depth: Regina doesn’t just react to events; she strives to understand the people behind them: “Alice was cute in a big-girl way. But she had hunger in her eyes to get what she wanted. In the swamps, I avoided bartering with her type. They tried to steal what you brought, and then steal what little they bartered in exchange. Afterwards, they gloated at your misfortune.”

In any fictional account, it’s this level of emotional depth and attention to motivations behind actions that elevate the superior read from the mundane nonstop staccato action thriller – and Regina Shen: Vigilance features this in abundance.

From the psyche of the Federation and its different lifestyles (““You want to race?” I asked. “That’s Marginal,” she whispered. “The Federation promotes Harmony, not competition.“) to nefarious plans to exploit Regina’s DNA for less than altruistic or survival purposes, the story line is fast-paced but loses none of its tension by exploring different protagonists’ motivations and concerns.

The result is a gripping sequel in the series, highly recommended for both prior fans and newcomers to Regina Shen.

Regina Shen: Vigilance Review

By Dawn

Regina Shen Vigilance

Vigilance is a good read but there’s not near as much as action in it as there was in Resilience. Instead, it has a lot of suspense, and the action is at the end.

It is 2 years after book #1. Regina and Wendy have learned enough that their teacher, Mo-Mere, thinks they’re ready to go to University on the other side of the wall.  Regina makes new friends and new enemies in the Federation. She also finds out that life in the Federation isn’t any better than life in the swamp, at least not for those who are Working Stiffs. She feels all alone at first but eventually finds allies.

The characters continue to grow. Regina is driven to find her sister, Colleen, but in the back of her mind she begins to wonder what her destiny is. Mo-Mere always told her she is special. Maybe she is…

Chief Inspector DeMarco, whose primary objective is supposed to be to find Regina and hand her over to the governor, continues to be full of surprises.

I liked Vigilance and anyone who likes science fiction and/or young adult books will enjoy it. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series.

Regina Shen: Vigilance Review

By Majanka

Regina Shen Vigilance

I previously read and reviewed the first book in the series, Regina Shen: Resilience, and after reading it, I looked forward to starting the second book in the series. Regina Shen: Vigilance takes place two years after the events of the first book.

Mo-Mere believes Regina is ready to jump the Barrier Wall, and start looking for her sister. After two years of training, studying and honing her survival skills, now is the time for Regina and Colleen to be reunited and to find some answers. Except, well, what did you expect, things don’t go as planned. For Regina, she’ll have to remain vigilant and find out who she can trust and who she can’t – but the same counts for the other characters too. DeMarco is still after her, and will do whatever it takes to capture her. Regina’s quest to find her sister brings her to university, close to where they’re holding her sister – but will she able to find her and save her?

I thought this book was more thrilling even than the first, and I already enjoyed that one a lot. The ending was very surprising, and I actually had to re-read it; I hadn’t expected some of the plot twists.

I loved Regina in the first book, but I liked her even more in this one. She’s grown as a person, she’s more determined than ever, and she knows how to keep her head cool in dangerous situations.

The new characters were an excellent addition too, especially Ester. A solid sequel to the first book, and a great addition to the series. Can’t wait to read the final part.