An All-Female World?

(by Lance Erlick)

Is an all-female society the next step in evolution for Homo sapiens? Some would argue that such a community would reduce violence and sexual assault, and spur cooperation. Women would finally have complete control over their bodies and fertility. That is, as long as the technology works – for if we did become all-female and the technology failed, the next step in evolution would be Homo extinctus.

Now why might we choose to become all-female?

In traditional cultures, parents favored males, to the point that there is a large surplus of males in China and India today. The traditional reason has been that males brought status and could better provide for themselves and their families, while females were considered an economic and social burden. This despite the fact that women hold the key to any society’s future.

Fast forward to a post-modern society where economic activity is knowledge and information driven. Add that females read 80 percent of all books – a good thing for women, a deficiency for men, who therefore only read 20 percent. Oh, yeah, that’s America today. With girls better adapting to the new knowledge-based economy, how long will it be before parents choose girls over boys? After all, prisons overflow with males who can’t adapt. Boys are more likely to be involved in violence, get arrested, do jail time, and die young. They are also more prone to autism and other conditions.

Just a thought.

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