Are Men Obsolete 2

(by Lance Erlick)

It’s easy to say adapt, but how do we do that while we’re struggling to make ends meet or looking for work, or feeling left out?
Our ancestors adapted when they crossed the Atlantic, the Pacific, or the Bearing Straits to reach America—and many are still making this leap of faith. They picked up roots from all that they knew and took their chances on the New World. Our predecessors adapted when they moved from the farm and rural communities to the bigger towns and cities, giving up a lifestyle they were comfortable with and adapting to a new one. Others who came before us picked up roots from one community and moved to another, like when many moved from Oklahoma farms to California back in the 1930s. The point is, we have been adapting and showing our flexibility throughout history. We have shown our flexibility to adapt.
When I lost my job some time ago, I met a lot of others in similar situations as mine. They struggled, looking for local jobs in their field because they were unwilling to move or to challenge themselves to take a different job. What I did was to open myself up to jobs throughout the Midwest. I looked at a broader range of jobs. I soon found a job that worked out for me and my family despite having to move away from the home we loved. That is adapting and being flexible. Out of persistence, we were able to move back home a year later when other jobs opened up.