FREE ebook June 16, 19 & 20 (2013) The Rebel Within

I will be offering The Rebel Within as a free Kindle ebook on June 16, 19 and 20 (2013) at Amazon, so download and enjoy. Pass this along to your friends in case they are interested.

Kirkus Reviews referred to The Rebel Within as “A stimulating, worthwhile story of a dystopian future.” They went on to say, “The novel has plenty of action and suspense, made all the more thrilling due to the investment readers have in the characters.” and, “Annabelle is believably stubborn, yet also vulnerable and likable.”

After the Second American Civil War, the Federal Union pursues a world without men by rounding up the remaining males.

Annabelle is a tomboy who lost her parents at age three. Despite her rebellious acts against a conformist society, the state pushes her to become a cop intern at age 16 to catch escaped boys. Then she’s forced to choose between joining the elite military unit that took her parents or being torn from her beloved sister and adoptive mom. Meanwhile, she meets a handsome boy who escaped prison, and helps him get away.

While facing a cop intern boss who hates her, a military commander who demands too much, and an amazon bully who won’t leave her alone, Annabelle struggles with conscience. Will she risk everything by hunting for her imprisoned birth mother and helping escaped boys avoid the federal roundup? Can she stand up to the amazon? Will she survive the rigorous military qualifying program so she won’t be sent away, while remaining true to herself and protecting her family?
Will she cross paths with that handsome boy again?

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