Lost Boys & Education

(by Lance Erlick)

This is addressed to anyone who has sons, husbands, brothers, or who just plain cares.

Boys need more hands-on experiences in education than they are getting. They need experiences that will channel their energy instead of trying to subdue their masculine energy in the classroom. They don’t need Ritalin as much as an involved experience that is relevant to their needs.

 Lectures, also known as one person standing before a group spouting data and wisdom, has been shown in recent studies to be one of the least effective teaching tools. Yet, it continues to be a mainstay in many classrooms. Why? Because it is an easy way to manage the large groups of students that are thrown at teachers.
We are finally spending the effort to understand girls’ needs in education. It is time we took the time to understand the needs of boys who have been dropping out of the educational system because they don’t fit.

What do you think?