Why Write

I’ve been asked by readers why I write what I do. Many authors get the bug when they read a story and say, “I could do that.” Then they sit down to write and discover it’s not as easy as it looks, at least not to write well.

Like other aspiring writers, I went through the phase of trying to copy the style and ideas of authors I enjoyed. That helped to improve my writing skills, but it didn’t make me a good writer. There’s a spark in good writing that comes from the heart, not from technique. No amount of copying another writer will bring that out.

My first stories were inspired by other stories and events in the world around me, and ranged from thrillers to science fiction, none published. In time I gravitated toward science fiction and “what if” of ideas floating through my head.

The Rebel series grew out of two things. First was my-way-or-highway politics in which there was no middle ground. I wondered what would happen if extremists on both sides got their way. Second was revolutionary fertility research on the verge of allowing anyone to contribute skin cells, have them coaxed into stem cells, and implanted into an egg for fertilization. It’s intended to help infertile couples, but in the hands of extremists, could lead to an all-female society.

These ideas created a new world. Into that world, I considered a male protagonist, but felt a young girl coming to terms with her society would make a more interesting main character. Annabelle was born.

Other stories rattle around inside my head, but I’ll always look at Annabelle as a big inspiration.

Lance Erlick