New Release Promotional Pricing

To celebrate the release of The Rebel Trap, now the second book in the three book series, we are offering promotional ebook prices on the entire Rebel series from October 6-17, 2014 on Amazon at

Kirkus Reviews called The Rebel Trap “inventive dystopian sci-fi drama” and a “well-thought-out science fiction world”

Voices in sixteen-year-old Annabelle Scott’s head aren’t God or signs she’s going mad—yet. Despite being a military recruit, she rebels against her female-dominated régime by not only refusing to kill Morgan, a handsome boy she’s attracted to, but also helping him escape. Auditory implants and contact cameras allow her commander to watch her 24-7. Morgan hacks the implants to ask for help. Annabelle wants to help him yet needs to find the link between an attempted assassination of her adoptive mom, a corrupt police captain, and the geek institute that holds Morgan’s brother without destroying her family or getting killed.

Go to Amazon for promotional ebook pricing October 6-17 at

The Rebel Within, regularly $2.99 will be only 99 cents during this promotion. The new second book in the series, The Rebel Trap, and Rebels Divided, both regularly $3.99, will be reduced to $2.99.

Thanks and hope you enjoy.

Lance Erlick


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