5* Regina Shen Review

by Floryie (Goodreads reviewer)

Regina Shen Resilience

What a ride!

That was my first thought on finishing the book. And the second thought was that hopefully the following books in the series would be as good as this one.

The author has taken the real issue of melting of the ice caps and created a dystopian world on the What-If situation of flooding of the world. The world described in the book kind of scared me. I definitely wouldn’t want to be a swamp rat. But Regina, the protagonist rocks in her natural habitat. She is plucky and resourceful. She goes through the gritty situation of being left alone to fend for herself in a storm. The daily struggle of staying alive was described vividly and the imagery keeps us engrossed in the scenes playing out in the book. It is quite an adventure for Regina to keep afloat during the storm and to stay clear of the slave smugglers during the chaos. As far as I am concerned, there is no lows in this book and only highs exist. The books keeps us hopping with the various situations Regina keeps getting into. She never ceases to amaze me with her innovative thinking.

I know I have been singing Regina’s praises but I can’t help it. And the other characters aren’t bad either. I loved Mo-mere and I wish I had a teacher like her! Colleen was only in a few scenes and she created an impression of too much dependability. Then there are the twins, who seemed to be observing rather than taking part in the action. Same goes for Wendy too. Last but not the least is Demarco. I am not sure if she is bad or good. She is confusing but devious. I loved the cat and mouse game between Regina and Demarco.

Omg, I seriously can’t think of a world without men. There is no woman without man as far as I am concerned. That’s one point I loved and hated about the book. Now I am eagerly awaiting to see if any man crops up as a surprise twist in the future books.

I can’t say enough about the setting of the book. It was realistic and at no point did I feel it was layered on too thickly. I love books like Swiss Family Robinson and so this book falls right in that category since it is also partly about survival. The plot keeps us on our toes and the pace is fast and steady alternately. The only place I found it a bit slow was when Regina gets back to Mo-mere.

I am sure by now you would know whether I am recommending it or not! If you are an adventure loving junkie, don’t forget to read this book.

My one line review : Take an adventurous ride by Regina’s side as she battles to stay alive and safe!

My rating : 5/5

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