Regina Shen: Vigilance Review

by Tori Shultz (Litpick Reviewer)

Regina Shen is back in this thrilling new sequel!  On the run from Antiquities Agents, Regina is still searching for her sister.  In order to find her, she will have to brave the wall separating the higher-ups and the lower class. If she can make it past the wall, she will be able to blend in and find her sister. Will she be able to succeed?


This sequel to Regina Shen: Resilience is just as good as the first, if not better.  The book gripped me in the beginning and I never got bored. I was excited to see what would happen to Regina throughout the book.

The cover art, like the last book’s, is amazing. It is simple, yet gripping. The symbol they use on the front cover is also very well-made.

The author does an excellent job at telling this adventurous story, and their description of the post-apocalyptic world that Regina lives in is beautifully executed.

With a great plot that’s sure to keep you entertained, Regina Shen: Vigilance is sure to blow your mind.


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