Big Short

Just saw the Big Short and have to say it hit most of the catastrophe quite well.

The characters facing the audience with asides was a bit distracting. Maybe some people like that. And the technical discussion might put a few people to sleep, though the movie didn’t overly burden it with technical stuff. The one piece I felt was missing was the depth of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (i.e. government) involvement in the mad dash to inflate the real estate market. They were both in over their heads in backstopping these bad loans. That was one reason the government had to bail out the banks. They were in bed with them.

Spoiler alert. There are no good guys in this movie. But there are a lot of short-sighted and a few visionary greedy people making huge lottery winnings off the rest of us. By the way, for those who think too-big-to-fail is a bad idea, we’ve lost almost 2000 banks since 2007 and the big bank have gobbled up losers to get even bigger. Stay tuned.

Overall a very good movie. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants a refresher on what happened or more insight into what could happen again. By the way, if you wrote this as fiction,no one would believe it.


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