Endurance 5* Review

So much happens as Regina tracks her way back across the country with the hopes of bartering for her sister. Realizations hit; reunions, as well as a much needed bed, appear. Regina has two agents/inspectors hot on her trail, and she does lose some friends along the way, as well sitting in a cell for a while. Sheesh! It almost feels like Regina cannot catch a break! A much needed break, at that! Demarco and Volpe are the ones after Regina, and they do catch up to her. But we all know Regina can get away, hopefully in one piece, if she can.

This was rather suspenseful; I was on the edge of my seat while I read this. Some questions still remained unanswered, but I am sure those will come in the next book. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to see Antarctica. Perhaps the Regina Shen book will be my way to travel there.

(by Haddie at http://haddieshaven.blogspot.ca/2016/06/review-regina-shen-endurance-by-lance.html)


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