Free Can Be Beautiful! Especially Books

Thank you for joining my mailing list. I am thrilled that people want to read what I’ve written. Writing the Regina Shen series has been a thrill, and it’s a gift I’m happy to share with you.

Regina Shen: Storm

This is the novelette that launched the Regina Shen series and is incorporated into Regina Shen: Resilience.

Here are the free download links for Regina Shen: Into the StormKindle, ePub (Nook, Kobo, etc), PDF.

If you have yet to read Regina Shen: Resilience and want to test the waters (so to speak), I suggest you check out Regina Shen: Into the Storm.

The rest of the series is currently available only on Amazon, but will be extended to other retailers later this year.

So have you read any good science fiction thrillers lately? I would love to hear your suggestions. Please let me know if you’ve read any winners.

Thanks for your support,



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