I’ve had to take a long break from writing and social media on account of Gary (my older brother) had two strokes in June and I’ve had to step in to help him. He lives 400 miles away, which has made this difficult and as a result, we are going to move him closer so we can better help him.

Unfortunately, this has meant moving Gary’s Medicare Advantage plan from one state to another, which has been quite a challenge. It has also meant too many hours in a car traveling up to visit him.

At this time, Gary is in rehab and making progress, but he’s frustrated with the slow pace of his progress. He’s wheelchair-bound at this time, but we’re hoping he will be able to get up and move around with a walker. Gary has always been so independent, never married, always kept himself physically fit. He is still strong, but the stroke has taken its toll. We remain hopeful with the right therapy.

In the meantime, Laura Fabiani at iRead Book Tours put on a fabulous book tour for my latest series, Regina Shen, and I was not able to participate as I had wanted to.



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