Defiance Review

There’s way more going on in this book. Regina is still on the run, but now she must travel the waste land that once was earth to get to her sister. The mother appears again, as mysterious as always, so I’m still on the fence about her. I feel like she should be doing more for her daughters.

We get a deeper look into this world and the way that it ticks. There were some clues as to the menlessness (I’m pretty sure I just made that word up, but you know what I mean :b), but not enough for me to figure it out. As much as a world full of women is intriguing, I got to know what happened to the men and if there are any left. So many mysteries.

Oh why the cliff hanger? My heart is racing and I need to know what happens. I hate cliff changers, but lucky for me I have the fourth book that I can’t wait to get going.

As I have said before, take a change on this series, it’s a rich world full of action, mystery and darkness. It will have you and the edge of you seat and wanting more.

Happy Reading

(by E.A. Walsh at


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