Endurance Review

This installment had me consumed. I couldn’t put it down.

The track across the wasteland to save her sister, her resolve to never back down has my heart in knots. Regina has turned into the hero I have always dreamed of. She knows her goal, her mission and she will let nothing stop her.

During her track, she meets with new friends, old friends and foes alike.

She is faced with some very real and difficult choices, some I don’t know if I could make. This set her apart and makes this story exhilarating. I’m invested in not only Regina but in this world that Lance Erlick has created. The world building is like noting I have read this year. Descriptive, lush and creative. Mr. Erlick has a way of showing you the world that has gone to hell and making you feel for that dying world in a way that makes my heart ache. He takes time with each character, making them memorable.

This fourth installment is by far my fav and I can’t wait to read more. I have to know, no, I need to know.

As I have said for the other three books, I highly recommend this series. This is a hidden gem, you will not be disappointed.

Happy Reading

(by E.A. Walsh at http://dontjudgeread.blogspot.com/p/regina-shen-endurance.html)


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