Vigilance Review #4

The first book, Resilience was fine. I thought it had an alright pacing and the author did a good job of introducing me to this world and Regina. Yet with this second book I am thrilled to have read it. I was able to instantly connect with all of the characters better. So far I thought that this book was better than the first. Regina is shaping out to be a strong leader. Regina’s hunt for her sister, Colleen brings her even closer in this book. With Mo-Mere’s experience with the Federation she was the perfect teacher for Regina. Not that I doubt that Regina would not be able to survive on her own but her cover would have been blown a lot sooner if it had not been for Mo-Mere. Mo-Mere is like Yoda with her wisdom. This is a perfect reference as this series has that nice futuristic feel to it that fans of these types of books will enjoy.

In the first book I learned about the Federation but in this book I actually got to really see what the Federation is really all about. The change in scenery was nice. Instantly I could picture all of the locations In addition, I like that there are the main staple characters so I can keep that established relationship with them while getting to meet some new ones like Ester. Although at times I was a little frustrated with Ester she came off meek. Yet as the story went on, Regina’s strength did rub off on Ester. I can’t wait to read the third book in this series to see if Regina will be able to take down the Federation.

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