Defiance Review #4

The further I get into this story the more I grow connected with the character and the storyline. Regina continues to amaze me with her strength. She is a true leader. I appreciate the relationship between Ester and Regina, even if it is really one-sided. I do agree with another reader on the fact that I found Ester at times to be more of a hinder than help. Yet I could see why Regina let Ester come along as in a way she was watching over her and protecting her like a sister as she couldn’t do that for her own sister, Colleen. Chief Inspector Demarco is quite the wild card. She had her own agenda that only she really knew about. I am glad I was not the one she was hunting after. Although I had all the faith in Regina. She has come out on top before and I am sure she will again. The addition of the new characters was nice. Then there is the reappearance of Regina’s mother. The event that has led her back into Regina’s life adds intrigue to the whole storyline. Plus the new terrain was refreshing as well. I can’t wait to read the next book.

(by Cheryl’s Book Nook at


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