4* Review Xenogeneic

Dr. Elena Pyetrov is a brilliant aerospace engineer with one goal in mind, travelling to space to finish dream her father had failed fulfilling 18 years ago. She is going to make if further than he did and finally prove that there is life beyond Earth. After working against government red tape and a few naysayers, she successfully convinces them that her mission is worthy of support but when day finally comes an unexpected event happens. mission goes terribly wrong and Elena’s ship is pulled off course crashing onto another planet. Elena and her crew quickly find out that their crash was orchestrated by an alien species that has kidnapped them and a number of other humans for a specific purpose. Elena will have to do everything in her power to lead humans and protect them while trying to figure out what exactly their captors have in store for them, humanity and with Earth.

The storyline is packed full of tons of twists and turns that keep reader engaged in characters and plot. There is a great deal going on from inner fighting between factions of Knoonk (the aliens) to inner fighting between human clans and interpersonal relationships between Marc, Elena and her sister. There is never a dull moment even when moments in storyline are meant to be dull. I do wish there had been more detailed background focus on Knoonk concerning what exactly happened within their civil war to cause factions and why they made choices they made concerning their religion, gender and so on.

Xenogenic is a great sci-fi story with a host of strong female characters leading charge on both sides of conflict. descriptive writing paints a detailed picture that doesn’t overwhelm sci-fi plot but adds to visuals and flow of story. Overall it’s a great book with potential to carry on as series that delves deeper into continuation of Elena and her sister’s life on Earth.

(Joy Remson-Johnson)


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