4* Review Xenogeneic

I honest to goodness am not sure what to say about this book. This had to be strangest, most far fetched storyline I have ever read yet I was trapped. I was pulled in and could not stop reading. I wanted to figure out who, what, where, why, how it happened, how it was occurring, and what was going to happen. I was sucked in.

Similar to Regina Shen series by this author, “in control” population is a female dominant (no males) ran government.

Because it is an “alien race” there were many far fetched ideas that were occurring paired with normal thoughts. It made for an interesting read, but at times; slightly confusing.

Overall, I liked book. There was a lot of action, a lot of mystery, and definitely no lull in read.

If you enjoy alien, sci-fi, out of our world story lines – this is one you will definitely need to read!



4* Review Xenogeneic

I have previously reviewed this author’s four book Regina Shen YA Science Fiction Series and really enjoyed it. So I excited to see a new offering SciFi offering from him. While offering an entirely different view of future, it is also a dark tale with its characters surrounded by suffering.   And it also has a strong, independent woman cast as in lead roll.

Dr. Elena Pyetrov’s father left on a mission to Jupiter when she was young and now she stands poised to fulfill his dreams by going there herself. Unfortunately, world is in crisis and there are many averse to spending money on space programs. At last moment she gets approval, but once out in space everything goes totally wrong.

The ship and all it’s passengers are hijacked by an alien race hiding in wait close by. Their mission, to cleanse earth of it’s inhabitants and claim it as their new home.  For years they have been capturing humans for a hidden reason, confining them to caves and demanding high birth quotas.  Why? No one is sure. But if humans don’t meet these quotas, aliens withhold food, heat and all other basics they need to survive. In these brutal conditions, many lose their humanity. It becomes survival of fittest.

Elena is convinced she can find a solution. She interacts with aliens to get clues, secretly explores caves and works hard to unite competing captive human groups into a supportive community. Then she angles herself into a mission back on earth to locate a missing rebel alien couple who hold key to this group taking over planet.  While on earth, can she find a way to disrupt alien’s plans and to let world know about this imminent threat?

A strong and unusual story. A great read, although be prepared, it will take you on very dark journey. But it’s message is one of hope. One person can choose to be strong, stand up and make a difference.

(Marilyn R. Wilson)

5* Review Xenogeneic

To be honest, I am not a book-reader. However, when I won ‘Xenogeneic: First Contact’ in a goodreads giveaway, I decided to give this one a shot. And guess what, I was hooked to it in an instant. Story is captivating from start and stays interesting throughout till end. I felt an instant connection to characters and could relate to their emotions as story progressed. It’s Sci-fi but not one of those where you struggle to understand story because of complications. Author paints a picture of interaction between Aliens and humans in a very simple yet descriptive way. I am hooked to reading now!!


5* Review Xenogeneic

I am thoroughly surprised at how enjoyable this book was for me. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy a great Sci-Fi. Sometimes I have a hard time getting into them and I stop for a break. It never has anything to do with book or author, writing or whatnot. That is all on my and personal preference.

Xenogeneic: First Contact has strong female characters, both lead and villain-ish characters, and a very determined, handsome, shuttle captain. Yes. Marc’s determination must be acknowledged.

Elena’s character is admirable. She is on a strange planet; she has just reunited with her father, who has been supposed dad for last eighteen years, and learns that she has a younger sister. Elena’s father tries to warn her about “evil K”, which is where he breathes his last.

I must admit that I got so frustrated with plot because it just felt like Elena, Marc and rest of crew, were going in circles trying to find a way to either get off this foreign planet, or defy their host, Knoonk. However, once I got over that hurtle, my stress level went back down to 0 and I kept reading. I liked ending. What I’m worrying about is if there will be another book. If there is, this is going to be a great series. If not, it’s still a great book.

It’s technically an adult fiction, but I must say that everything was kept to a bare minimal. Most scenarios were kept behind closed doors, language was hardly there. It was great.

(Hadassah Harper)

4* Review Xenogeneic

Dr. Elena Pyetrov is a brilliant aerospace engineer with one goal in mind, travelling to space to finish dream her father had failed fulfilling 18 years ago. She is going to make if further than he did and finally prove that there is life beyond Earth. After working against government red tape and a few naysayers, she successfully convinces them that her mission is worthy of support but when day finally comes an unexpected event happens. mission goes terribly wrong and Elena’s ship is pulled off course crashing onto another planet. Elena and her crew quickly find out that their crash was orchestrated by an alien species that has kidnapped them and a number of other humans for a specific purpose. Elena will have to do everything in her power to lead humans and protect them while trying to figure out what exactly their captors have in store for them, humanity and with Earth.

The storyline is packed full of tons of twists and turns that keep reader engaged in characters and plot. There is a great deal going on from inner fighting between factions of Knoonk (the aliens) to inner fighting between human clans and interpersonal relationships between Marc, Elena and her sister. There is never a dull moment even when moments in storyline are meant to be dull. I do wish there had been more detailed background focus on Knoonk concerning what exactly happened within their civil war to cause factions and why they made choices they made concerning their religion, gender and so on.

Xenogenic is a great sci-fi story with a host of strong female characters leading charge on both sides of conflict. descriptive writing paints a detailed picture that doesn’t overwhelm sci-fi plot but adds to visuals and flow of story. Overall it’s a great book with potential to carry on as series that delves deeper into continuation of Elena and her sister’s life on Earth.

(Joy Remson-Johnson)

4* Review Xenogeneic

I chose to read this book after receiving a free e-copy from author. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased. I was excited to read this book because I’d read Regina Shen series by Lance Erlick and I like his writing.

Xenogeneic is science fiction with many twists. Dr. Elena Pyetrov wants to continue her father’s work in space. Her space ship doesn’t even make it to base on moon when it is taken off course and crashes. Even though all of people on board should have died, most of them find themselves in a network of caves. They learn that their captors are Knoonk and they want to take over Earth for their species to live on.

Lance Erlick’s writing flows well and his descriptions are great. He has ability to make you feel like you’re actually there. In Xenogeneic, there are is continuous change for characters and many twists. What a ride!

All of characters, even Knoonk, carry baggage which affects how they deal with situation. One of Knoonk hates humans so she treats them horribly. Others aren’t so abusive, at least not one on one. Elena is driven, strong, and independent which makes her a born leader. Her ex-fiance is also a born leader but his type of leadership doesn’t work here.

I definitely recommend Xenogeneic. In fact, you may have trouble putting it down once you start reading it.


Book Review: Xenogeneic First Contact by Lance Erlick