5* Review Xenogeneic

I am thoroughly surprised at how enjoyable this book was for me. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy a great Sci-Fi. Sometimes I have a hard time getting into them and I stop for a break. It never has anything to do with book or author, writing or whatnot. That is all on my and personal preference.

Xenogeneic: First Contact has strong female characters, both lead and villain-ish characters, and a very determined, handsome, shuttle captain. Yes. Marc’s determination must be acknowledged.

Elena’s character is admirable. She is on a strange planet; she has just reunited with her father, who has been supposed dad for last eighteen years, and learns that she has a younger sister. Elena’s father tries to warn her about “evil K”, which is where he breathes his last.

I must admit that I got so frustrated with plot because it just felt like Elena, Marc and rest of crew, were going in circles trying to find a way to either get off this foreign planet, or defy their host, Knoonk. However, once I got over that hurtle, my stress level went back down to 0 and I kept reading. I liked ending. What I’m worrying about is if there will be another book. If there is, this is going to be a great series. If not, it’s still a great book.

It’s technically an adult fiction, but I must say that everything was kept to a bare minimal. Most scenarios were kept behind closed doors, language was hardly there. It was great.

(Hadassah Harper)


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