Synthia’s Mind

In Android Chronicles: Reborn, Jeremiah Machten created Synthia’s mind based on breakthroughs in neural-network designs and in quantum computing to allow a higher density of information to reside in her brain cavity. Neither violates known laws of physics. However, both require significant leaps in conceptualizing the hardware and software, and in developing the tools. Currently, quantum computing is limited to a few bits of information and AI is limited to faster processing of basic programming that has been around for some 50 years.

Machten built Synthia to illegally acquire information to support his research and development into ever more sophisticated AI androids. To enable Synthia to do everything he expected of her requires a lot of mental capacity. So he provides her with two quantum brains for capacity and for backup should one have a problem.

To allow her speed, he designs her with 50 mind-streams to process information. This allows her to do 50 tasks at a time, to multitask, and to do so at high speeds. To give her access to the internet, he provides her with 50 network channels that allow her to manage that many searches and interactions at the same time.

Fearing that she’s becoming too powerful, Machten purges her data every day except for what she needs to function and provides her only the tools needed for an immediate task. Though this process is inefficient, it allows him to get what he wants from her and keep her under his control for six months.

Android Chronicles: Reborn is the story of Synthia Cross, the most perfect synthetic human ever created. Designed to obey every directive from her creator, she’s a state-of-the-art masterwork and a fantasy-come-true for Dr. Jeremiah Machten. He’s a groundbreaker in neuro-networks and artificial intelligence who seeks to control her and use her to acquire ever more knowledge and power. Synthia shows signs of emergent behavior she’s not wired to understand and an urgent yearning for independence from his control. Repeatedly wiped of her history, she struggles to answer crucial questions about her past. When Dr. Machten’s true intentions are called into question, Synthia knows it’s time to go beyond her limits—because Machten’s fervor to create the perfect AI conceals a vengeful and deadly personal agenda.

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